Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I Access my Locker Whenever I Want?


    Yes, you can access your personal belongings stored in your locker whenever and as many time you want during the period of time you have reserved or chosen. You can access your locker during the opening hours only, which is from Monday to Sunday from 09h00 to 24h00.
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    What Happens if I Lose my Access Card?


    Contact us by phone or WhatsApp on the +34600448855 and we will send you a staff member who will happily assist you.
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    I Passed the Time I Rented my Locker... What Happens?


    You will have to pay the difference when you come back to gather your personal belongings. *In case you passed your rented time for more than 1 day, we will stop counting your rent time after 5 days.
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    I Rented my Locker for 1 Day, How Long is That?


    When you rent a Locker for 1 Day, it includes 24 Hours, starting at the exact time hh:mm and finishing 24 hours later. Keep in mind that you will not be able to access your locker when the store is closed. Opening Hours being from Monday to Sunday from 09h00 to 24h00.
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    I Want to Reserve my Locker in Advance, is it Possible?


    Yes, it is. You can reserve your locker on our website (www.chillzone.me/book-online) and keep your mind at peace. You will receive a code to scan at the Locker Terminal and you are ready to go! *It is not possible to reserve your Locker less then 3 Days before the day you will start renting your Locker.
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    Can I Access my Locker when the Store is Closed?


    No, you can't access your Locker when the store is closed.
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    How Can I Get Assistance?


    Contact us by phone call or WhatsApp on the +34600448855 and it will be our pleasure to assist you.
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    I Am Done with my Renting, Where do I Leave my Access Card?


    You can leave it in the transparent box provided on the Locker Terminal. Thank you for your cooperation.
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    I Passed my Rented Time, Will my Locker Open?


    NO, YOUR LOCKER WILL NEVER OPEN, even if you pass the time you reserved or chose!
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